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The Moms' Happiness Project is designed to be a source of genuine help and encouragement (with a good splash of humor) for moms in the thick of raising little ones. 

I'm a big fan of practical solutions that make a real, honest difference in our day-to-day, as well as reaching into the deeper things that affect who we are as people, as moms, as individuals. 

You'll see that the main blog categories are Home & Family, Self-Care, and Christian Living, with an occasional branch-off into other topics of interest. 

Motherhood is a crazy hard, crazy beautiful undertaking! May our days be peaceful, our perspective helpful, our time here fruitful, and our coffee still hot. 


About Me

A wife, mother, homemaker, author, adventurer and artist, I'm learning (stubbornly at times) to thrive within life's seasons. I love coffee in the morning and afternoon and tea at night, a good book, a good movie, a good conversation. I love the mountains, rain, delicious food, laughter, music, the comfort of home and the perspective and beauty of travel. I've learned to love simplicity in many forms. I love Jesus and all that He is. 


My husband Charlton and I live in northern Colorado with our three wonderful, exhausting, hilarious, incredible children.  

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