Is Anyone More Important?

Updated: Feb 10, 2018

“Buddy, are you more important than anyone else in this house?”


“Is anyone else in this house more important than you?”


I stopped, surprised at his answer. My heart dropped. Did he really believe that? My precious five-year-old, my first-born…did he really believe he was somehow less important than his brother and sister? Than his mom and dad? The conflict that brought the question was a simple matter of sharing a toy, of addressing selfishness, an all-too-common downfall of human nature.

My mind fumbled for a response, rapidly filtering through any way I might have given him the impression of less importance. Of less than. Maybe it was the simple fact that he’s older and therefore treated with different guidelines, taught with higher expectations. His younger siblings are two and one, baby cuteness still clinging to their pudgy little bodies, their lisping speech. He’s out of baby-hood, out of toddler-hood, a very young, young man with enough maturity to have an answer to a question like, “Is anyone more important.”

“Bud,” I said gently. His brown eyes looked expectantly into mine, waiting for a response to a question running deep in his little soul. “No one,” I continued, “Is more important than you. You are not more important than anyone in this family, and no one else is more important than you. We are all the same importance.”

A spark in his eyes brightened, and a slow smile broke across his face. “That,” I went on, “is why we need to love each other. To be respectful and kind and share with each other. Jesus made us all, he loves all of us just the same, and he tells us to love each other. Does that make sense”?

He nodded, his smile bursting into a boyish laugh. He took off down the hallway, and my heart swelled with love for my son, making a permanent note to single him out more often, show him more carefully that he is never less than.

Do you, precious reader, feel less important? Less cared for? Less worthy? No one, friend, is more important than you. And no one is less important. The color of our skin, the circumstances of our birth, the status of our bank account, our abilities, our jobs, our families, none of these measure or dictate our value as people. We are created. Fashioned. Intended. Planned. Breathed into life by the Life-Giver. Loved by Love Himself. Justified by the one and only Great Judge, our human guilt paid for by His own blood.

Today, friend, may you know how important you really are. Jesus knows.

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