That Time God Gave Me Carrots & Chocolate

Sometime the little things make me feel the most loved.

We were getting to the end of the month, so the grocery budget was low. Gone, in fact, which was fine because we had food in the fridge, more food in the pantry, enough meals to make and snacks for the kids. The options just weren't very interesting. Yep...first-world-problem. Plenty of food, just not much variety until next month comes and the budget is replenished.

You know how every household has its staple food items? Those things that are a very normal part of your family’s diet, and everyone notices when they run out? Milk, eggs, peanut butter…beef for some, chicken for others, rice, pasta, cucumbers, graham crackers…whatever it may be.

Well two of the staples in our house are carrots and chocolate chips. Not just any chocolate chips, but Ghirardelli 60% cacao bittersweet chocolate baking chips. My husband and I eat them daily; they’re our staple dessert ( good!). Until they run out, which generally happens somewhere toward the end of the month. I know, I know…first-world-problem, which is part of what makes this story so cool, because it’s not like we need chocolate chips for survival. Or carrots for that matter, although it could be argued that their nutritional value is slightly more important than good ol’ Ghirardelli. (Ok, if I’m being really honest, my husband could care less if the carrots are gone; I just notice because I use them all the time in making dinner and feeding the kiddos.) But regardless, both items are a regular part of our eating, and both ran out about the same time.

*sigh* Bummer.

After a week or so of this, my mom called one morning to let me know she was going to come by briefly to drop some things off. My parents were in process of moving and had been cleaning out any excess stuff for the last several weeks, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary that they’d bring useful items by our house once in awhile.

My mom shows up and, no joke, hands me a 3 lb bag of Ghirardelli 60% cacao bittersweet chocolate baking chips and a bag of carrots.


She knew nothing of our grocery status. We don’t broadcast what we happen to run out of before the next shopping trip. She had found the chocolate chips in the freezer from being on hand for baking last Christmas, and she didn’t think they’d use up the carrots before moving, so she brought them both to us.

Ah,'s not coincidence. It's a way that God Almighty was showing me that He loves me. A subtle reminder just for me, with something as completely unnecessary as carrots and chocolate.

That He can orchestrate something as simple as providing carrots and chocolate chips at a specific time is mind-blowing. Even more astounding, friends, is that He cares enough to do so.

The God of the universe wanted to give these to me because He knows not only that I like them, but that I’d know they’re from Him.

Sometimes the little things make me feel the most loved.

He loves you too, you know. Ask Him, and He’ll tell you. :)

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